Sex Reassignment Surgery in Bhopal

Sexual identity plays a very important role in a person’s life and forms the basis of human psychology. It is not easy to imagine the difficulties which are faced by people who are struggling everyday with their sexual identity. It is very difficult for them to integrate with the society. They are not easily accepted by most of the societies in the world. A few societies have accepted them and given them their due rights but most of the societies are hostile towards them.

People who are struggling with their sexual identity need continuous support and psychotherapy. Most of the people struggling with their sexual identity do not even get support from their own family leave alone the society. Transgender throughout the world except for a few first world countries face a lot of trials in assimilating with the society due to deficiency of attentiveness and their treatment as social pariahs.

They need highly skilled support at each and every step to come out of their inner conflict and in assimilating with the society at large.

Treatment and sex reassignment surgery

The first step in the treatment of transgender that is from male to female and vice versa is the identification of gender identity disorder which is also known as gender dysphoria. This diagnosis is made by the psychiatrists who deal specifically with gender identity disorder. The first step is undergoing psychological counselling for a specific time period which can range from three months to one year.

After diagnosis, hormone therapy starts under an experienced endocrinologist. It is known as hormone replacement therapy or HRT. After sometime, sex reassignment procedures are initiated.

Male to female surgery

This includes surgeries such as breast implants, facial feminization and vaginoplasties.

Male to female surgery

This consists of surgeries like breast removal, scrotoplasty, metoidioplasty and breast removal.