Liposuction Surgery in Bhopal

Liposuction surgery is chosen by people who are dealing with stubborn fat and want a pleasing and a balanced body. It has become a common procedure these days as people want to look pleasant and appealing.

This surgery removes pocket of excess fat which collects on abdomen, thighs and other areas of the body. Exercising and dieting does not have any effect on these fat pockets and these are difficult to get rid of.

Who are the right candidates and the procedure?

Men and women who are above the age of 18 can go through this surgery but their candidature has to be approved by a certified plastic surgeon. It is best to go to a board certified plastic surgeon for best results and safety.

People who are ineligible for liposuction

Nursing women, pregnant women, individuals with health issues and the people who are sensitive to to lidocaine cannot undergo this surgical procedure. Patients should be in sound health to go through this surgery for their own benefit and safety.

About the procedure

It is not a weight loss technique. It is only used to eliminate stubborn pockets of fats which do not go by exercising as well as dieting. Larger areas will cost more than smaller areas. Larger patients will have to pay more money as the cost of the surgery rests on on the amount of fat which has to be removed.

 If a patient goes through liposuction for more than one area, the cost will be considerably greater. The procedure which is used for the surgery also determines the cost of the procedure. Innovative and cutting edge techniques such as ultrasound or laser assisted liposuction cost far more than customary techniques but then they are also safer and give better results when compared to traditional techniques.