Buttock Augmentation Surgery in Bhopal

Buttock augmentation surgery is also called buttock augmentation or Brazilian butt augmentation. In this process, fat is injected in the buttocks of the candidate to make it plumper and stronger. It helps in attaining a improved figure among people leading to better self-image. This procedure has gained popularity throughout the world in recent years especially amongst women to attain a youthful and attractive appearance. It changes their entire appearance adding a new dimension to their whole appearance and look.

In this procedure, implants are not used but a person’s own body fat is used which gives the whole thing a very natural look. Fat is harvested from other body parts of the candidate undergoing buttock augmentation surgery, fortified and then the same is injected into areas needing any kind of augmentation.

Procedure of buttock augmentation surgery

This process differs a lot and rests on on specific plastic surgeon. The technique which is used by the surgeon regulates the outcome and its permanence. Liposuction is the most common used technique to extract fat from the candidate’s body.

After extraction, treating of the fat and fat droplets are then microinjected. Treating of fat encompasses centrifugation and decanting. The final step in buttock augmentation surgery is the one where fat is reinjected in the body of the person undergoing buttock augmentation. It comprises almost hundreds of injections. The upper quadrant of the buttock is filled to give it a perkier and firmer look. This surgery changes the entire appearance of the person undergoing it.

It helps the candidates in attaining self-confidence and improves their body image.

Who are the ideal candidates for this surgery?

An ideal candidate for butt augmentation surgery must be healthy and free of any disease. A women who is pregnant or lactating cannot go through this surgery. It is best to go to a certified surgeon.