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DR. SUMEET JAISWAL (MBBS MS MCH) is a qualified Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon. He has worked as Assistant Professor in the prestigious KEM Hospital Mumbai. He has operated on individuals from many countries including USA,UK, Lebanon, Dubai, Nigeria etc. He has authored over 18 papers in international peer reviewed journals. He has worked extensively on formulating standards for describing various landmarks in facial cosmetic surgery.

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    I was very satisfied with how Dr. Summet took his time explaining the procedure and in answering my questions and concerns. I had liposuction of my back, flanks, abdomen, arms, inner thighs. I told Dr. Summet I wanted my body to look natural and he accomplished just that and gave me a beautiful shape. I would highly recommend him! Everyone was professional, helpful and kind.

  • Sumeet Jaiswal

    Hair Transplant & other Cosmetic Surgery Treatments which are done at Zenith Cosmetic Surgery, Bhopal

    • FUE Hair Transplant Surgery In Bhopal

    Considered to be male baldness pattern on head,”FUE” which stands for the full form (follicular unit extraction)is a kind of hair transplant surgery. In this surgical process hair follicles are being extracted from back and sides of the head known as the donor area of the body. The hair follicle is grafted on the affected scalp giving a natural hair lookalike.

    • FUT Hair Transplant Surgery In Bhopal

    One usually get distracted by this another hair transplant process but, “FUT”, commonly known as follicular unit transplantations recommended for maximum hair growth, as promised advantages. This highest hair growth success retain an FUT hair transplant involves removal of a thin strip of hair from the donor region

    • PRP hair loss Therapy

    Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is one of the different procedure of hair loss treatment which is simplifiednon-surgical procedure. Hair growth is multiplied with the procedure where blood is separated into plasma and platelets and platelets are injected into the affected bald area; to repair the blood vessels resulting in collagen driven cell growth. With minimized pain, this treatment offers the best safe solution in the form of safe PRP therapy.

    • Beard Transplant Surgery In Bhopal

    Facial hair restoration through beard transplant is recommended for the person having uneven distribution of hair on jawline. Hair is removed from the back of the scalp and the beard is enhanced through the beard restoration scalp hair transplant.

    • Mustache Transplant Surgery In Bhopal

    Men can defeat the embarrassment and become confident suffering from the loss of hair on mustache. Theycan opt for facial hair transplant in case they are facing problems like loss of hair from Mustache due to alopecia aerata,

    • Eyebrow Transplant Surgery In Bhopal

    When your eyebrow is not well aligned with causes like Brow ptosis,eyebrow transplantation is the sure remedy. In this cosmetic eyebrow reshaping treatment hair follicles are taken from back of the head and implanted on the affected area of the eyebrows.

    Contour BreastAugmentationwith Breast Surgery

    • Breast Enlargement Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    More and more woman are preferring for breast augment to enhance size shape and fullness of the breast toattain that perfect look. In this cosmetic processplacement of silicone or saline breast implants is done safely to enhance and increase breast size fulfilling breast shape and contour.

    • Breast Lift Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Woman looking to reposition the nipple higher on the chest wall can opt for a fast Breast Lift surgical procedure. The medical innovations in the form of Breast surgical processes hardly takes 3 hours for completion under local anesthesia.

    • Breast Asymmetry Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Breast contour shape and projections are modified with Breast Asymmetry. In this differences in nipple size and nipple location are aligned through cosmetic surgical procedure.

    • Breast Capsulectomy Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Cosmetic surgery procedure well known as,“Capsulectomy”, is a kind of breast implant for surgically removal off the capsule of scar tissues surrounding the breast implant

    • Breast Implant Replacement Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Breast size, shape, symmetry, projections and proportions are altogether enhanced with safe and secure surgical saline implants procedure, adding up to the natural contour of the breast.

    • Nipple reduction Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Cosmetic surgery procedure of Nipple reduction includes the shortening of the length of nipple with intact nipple and areola and the removal of breast tissue.

    • Inverted Nipple Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Correction of inverted nipple with this cosmetic surgery improves the contour appearances and enhances the functioning of the breasts as the person experience higher level of comfort with regained confidence.

    Facial Surgery

    • Facelift Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    A sure solution for easy removal of wrinkles from the face, the treatment known by the name rhytidectomy enables enhanced facial features, providing a remedy for shaggy, drooping facial skin.

    • Rhinoplasty Nose reshaping Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Rhinoplasty or nose job is a surgical cosmetic treatment where the functionality and the outlook of the nose is rectified to enhance the facial appearances.

    • Revision Rhinoplasty Plastic Surgery In Bhopal

    Revision rhinoplasty is done as a next cosmetic procedure with previous surgical condition of rhinoplasty although it is safe but it is a bit complicated.

    • Eyelid Lift Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Eyelid eyelift surgery offers two benefits including the best in the form of blepharoplasty, as it completely and safely removes bagginess from the lower eyelids by removing excess skin around the eyelids.

    • Neck Lift Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Cosmetic surgery offer manifold benefits in the form of Neck Lift surgery. By undergoing this treatment beneficiaries can effectively get rid of the loose sagging neck muscles. In addition neck become more tighten and stretched making it smoother, and firmer by the removal of the excess sagging skin

    • Cheek Implant Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Cheeks are crucial for a good great laugh making a person more merrier if the contour of the cheeks match up to the perfection of the facial shape. In cheek implant surgery, injection of patients own fat soft tissue filler is done as an implant on cheekbone.

    • Chin Augmentation Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Although the bottom part of the facial appearance, chin too builds up the confidence of the person if they are in the perfect shape. Surgical implants are performed on chin for Cosmetic Chin augmentation aligning the underlying structure of the face.

    • Correction Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Defects of the pinna can be overcome by a successful cosmetic safe and secure ear correction surgery to remove deformities and defects of the ear.

    Fat Removal

    • Liposuction Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Hectic lifestyle and stressful living can make anyone obsess with fatty accumulation on different parts of the body. Now, removal of the fat and making the person sleek can be easily done with cosmetic surgical procedure named Liposuction.

    • Arm Lift Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Cosmetic surgery brachioplasty benefits a person to realign the arm structureimproving upon the functionality of the arm making it more flexible and functional. In this process the upper arm is shaped underlying supportive tissue is tighten and shagging skin is smoothened.

    • Buttock fat Cosmetic Removal Surgery In Bhopal

    Buttock Reduction is thoroughly performed by the use of the Vaser Liposuction that safely and securely removes off the unwanted excess fat making the body statistics contour to the persons bum with fast recovery time.

    • Buccal Fat Cosmetic Removal Surgery In Bhopal

    This relates to the thinning if the cheek in the region of the cheek hallow known by the name cheek fat removal or buccal cosmetic lipectomy,

    • Body Lift Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Body lift surgery is safe and secure solution to the drooping muscles, this can change upon the shaggy muscles around person’s abdomen, hips, thighs, and buttocks, reshaping the body parts.

    • Male Breast Reduction Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    This Cosmetic treatment is known by the name, “gynecomastia”. Enlarged male breast reduction can change upon the bodily appearances in man, here surgical removal of excess fat builds up the lost confidence in male.

    • Tummy Tuck Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    Tummy Tuck is a common problem and the solution is offered by cosmetic surgery known by the name abdominoplasty where excess fat is removed from around the tummy.

    • Thigh Lift Cosmetic Surgery In Bhopal

    This precision cosmetic surgery is well known in medical terminology as,”Thighplasty”.It is fully customized as per need of the person. The shaggy and drooping muscles around the thighs are smoothened and the excess fat, skin and tissue are aligned.

    Cosmetic gynecology

    • Hymenoplasty Gynecology Surgery In Bhopal

    Commonly known as the hymen reconstruction surgery, this is a cosmetic surgical process for the precise surgery for the optimum revival of intact hymen which so ever is broken due to strenuous exercises such as cycling, or horseback riding

    • Labioplasty Gynecology Surgery In Bhopal

    Labia rejuvenation is a sort of corrective plastic surgery on the labia, for reshaping labia minora and labial majora appearances.

    • Perineorrhappy Gynecology Surgery In Bhopal

    This is a perineoplasty cosmetic surgery which deals with the surgical repair of the perineum although Perineorrhaphy sometimes means suturing of the perineum.

    • Vaginoplasty Gynecology Surgery In Bhopal

    Woman has the privilege of noninvasive surgical alternative to tighten the vagina through Vaginoplasty often known as posterior colporrhaphy is a cosmetic surgical procedure of heating tissues with radiofrequency waves or laser.


  • Raghuram-Bhati-Hair-Transplant-Review

    Raghuram Bhati

    Doctor Sumeet is an absolutely world class physician and a true artist when it comes to creating great hair transplants. I 1st came to see him a little over 2 years ago after receiving a terrible hair transplant from another physician in delhi. Doctor Sumeet not only took my case but covered up the previous work making it nearly undetectable with one session! I don’t believe there is ANYONE in Bhopal better at what they do than Doctor Sumeet!

  • Raghav Singh

    I did my extensive research for more than a year and finally decided to have FUE done by Doctor Sumeet Jaiswal. I had 2800 grafts transplanted 1 year back. The maximum hair growth happens between the 3 month and 9 month time period after surgery. So, my experience so far has been very good. I went in for my free consultation and Doctor Sumeet Jaiswal patiently explained me all the details. We discussed the big picture and I booked my op date. Doctor Sumeet and his staff are very friendly, professional, energetic and patient. Staff are very knowledgeable and helpful. They are very prompt in returning my calls and very friendly – on his way back home, he dropped me at my home after my op, believe it or not. Doctor Sumeet and his staff are closely following my progress and everything is looking good. I definitely recommend Doctor Sumeet.

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